Yellow Jacket

    (Corymbia leichhardtii)


Also known as: Rusty Jacket

Yellowjacket, one of the yellow bloodwood family, can be found in the hill country around Springsure. Growing on decomposed sandstone, the distinctive yellow/ginger coloured bark stands out like dogs ...... well it's really easy to spot! Some of the larger trees are about 20 metres or more high with trunks to about 600mm diameter. There's not a lot of it there so I had to wait for some windfall to try it out. I found the branch wood to be quite unstable for a eucalypt, cracking badly while drying and the lychtids had attacked the sapwood heavily.
When Mistletoe attaches to a YellowJacket tree it really sets off it's defenses, creating large growths where the two plants interact. The sample at left is the largest 'Mistletoe burl' I've seen - about 350mm across - the Mistletoe branches are the dark ones at the top right. I still haven't worked out what to do with this one!
Yellowjacket timber is reportedly light brown in colour but the piece I found had an attractive pink hue to it. The timber machined like any other eucalypt - nothing unexpected there - and it sanded well and took a fairly high finish easily enough.


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