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Whats new ?

21st April 2015, One big update explaining why there hasn't been any updates for the last six months!

7th March 2015. No updates at present - been too busy, but would like to ask anyone who left feedback in January or February that didn't get a reply to try again please - Windows @%&#& Mail has been eating some of them!

23rd November 2014 Added Blue Gum.

27th October 2014 Added another dozen eggs to the collection.

24th September 2014 Added the option to list the Trees & Turnings page by botanical name.

16th September 2014 Added Stony Ridge Wattle and a new cover shot (below)

28th August 2014 Added a different sort of Jewellery box to the Flat stuff gallery.

 27th July 2014 Added another dozen eggs taking the collection to 620.

20th June 2014 Added my bed to the Flat stuff gallery

23rd May 2014. Added Currant Bush.

15th April 2014 Added a new 'Flat stuff' gallery of my 'cabinetry' to show I work with flat timber too!

16th February 2014. Added my 'Table Mobilizer' to the Gadgets.

9th February 2014. Added another dozen and a half eggs to the collection.

21st January 2014. Added Paperbark.

10th December 2013. Added Acacia Elacantha.

20th November 2013. Added Candelabra Wattle.

10th October 2013 Added Cheese Tree.

16th September 2013 Added another 30 eggs to the collection.

24th July 2013 Added Bats-wing Coral tree.




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Many thanks to the knowledgeable staff of the Queensland Herbarium who confirm the identity of specimens that I'm not 100% sure about so visitors to this site can be assured of accurate representations.


ill titleWelcome !

This website is a reflection of my passion for woodwork, particularly wood turning, and the trees and timbers of Queensland's Central Highlands district.

Brass in-fill in a vase of Wilga Whether you're a visitor to the Central Highlands, another woodie or just browsing, I hope you find something of interest.



ill titleWhat you'll find...

I've tried to provide basic information about the timber and turnings from as many of the Central Highlands trees as  Fruit of the Emu Apple treepossible. Wherever I can, I have provided pictures of the trees, their foliage and bark etc, sawn timber and finished items I have crafted. Some of the sets are incomplete but I am continually looking for examples to finish them so keep coming back for updates. 

Naturally enough, I use wood from elsewhere too so check out the other works for some of the odds and ends I've created.

While you're here, check out the wooden egg collection - you might even be able to help me expand it!


ill titleMy latest piece...

Crafted from Stony Ridge Wattle and Australian Ebony...