(Geijera parviflora)


Also known as: Australian Willow

Though not a parasite, Wilga is most often found growing near the base of an established tree. It appears Wilga likes the run-off or shelter of a larger tree or maybe that's just where the seeds are dropped by birds - who knows? - I'm not a botanist. The tree can grow to about 8 metres high with trunks to about 300mm diameter.




Wilga looks very similar to 'Dogwood' from a distance and both are quite common on the Highlands. The most significant difference between the two is the smell. When you crush the leaves or cut Wilga timber green, it has a lovely fruity smell, while Dogwood leaves smell like dogs urine, hence the name.


Wilga timber is a pleasure to turn, particularly while green, but it does move a lot while drying and doesn't microwave very well. Once dry, it sands and finishes beautifully, and the 'spalting' which is commonly found in the heartwood comes up really nice.


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