(Atalaya hemiglauca)



A common tree in the area, it is found scattered on just about every soil/country type we have. Whitewood grows to about 10 metres high with a trunk diameter up to about 300 to 400mm and flowers between September and November.

  The heart of Whitewood trees tends to 'ebonize' like Wilga and some other species out here but it's closer to a very dark purple colour than black. The timber splits a lot soon after felling even if the logs are slabbed/split and the ends are sealed but makes for an attractive timber if you manage to recover some useable sizes. The timber is very nice to turn, hard but workable and still slices OK once it's dry. It sands very well and takes a good finish.
This lidded box was from a piece of crotch wood which shows some very nice colour and figure.


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