White Cypress

    (Callitris glaucophylla)


Also known as: Northern White cypress, Australian White cypress

White Cypress is not uncommon around the highlands and grows in almost pure stands where you do find it. Doesn't seem to get much over 12 - 14 metres around here and the largest trunk I've seen would be about 400mm diameter.
From my experience, it is stable in board form but cracks deeply if left in thick sections, regardless of pith exclusion, and the timber splits readily. It's a shame really as it is nice to work, smells great and is nicely coloured and marked.
  The sawn logs pictured are from a tree which died on it's feet after a scrub fire went through the stand. Nothing unusual in that but the small pipe down the middle was created, or was at least being used by, white-ants, which is extremely odd for a timber that is renown for, and marketed on it's resistance to the little blighters.
White cypress machines very well but isn't friendly when it comes to sanding due to the resin content. The resin also makes finishing difficult although it will take waxes OK. 


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