Umbrella Wattle

    (Acacia oswaldii)


Also known as Curly Yarran, Miljee, Nelia

A small tree to about 5 or 6 metres high with multiple trunks to about 200mm diameter, Umbrella wattle is found as scattered specimens all over the Highlands and can be found throughout Australia. It's low, spreading habit means it does not produce large sections of timber but is still worthwhile recovering. The timber is barely distinguishable from Myall which has long been known as a timber with excellent qualities and strength, the only notable difference being that Umbrella wattle isn't as aromatic as Myall.  
  Just like Myall, when freshly cut, the timber exudes a lot of resin from the outer layers - the branch pictured at right was cut only a minute or two and already shows the resin building up. The resin tends to continue oozing until the timber is very dry so beware if green finishing items.
Due to the 'curly' nature of the tree it would be difficult to recover large boards but the tree would produce very attractive boards big enough for box-makers. 
Umbrella wattle is hard and dense when dry but turns perfectly when a bit green. If roughed out while still green, there is little movement while drying and the timber sands and polishes very nicely.


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