Townsville Wattle

    (Acacia leptostachya)


Also known as: Slender wattle

This very short lived wattle is a sight to be seen around July. The stand pictured here is between Belyando and Charters Towers on the Gregory Highway and is a pleasure if you're not prone to hayfever!  
The tree only grows to about 3 metres high with trunks to around 80mm diameter but is known to grow to 5 metres high.
Like most short lived wattles, the wood is very prone to lychtid borers but the timber is better to work than most of the others. It is of medium weight with a slightly open grain that machines and sands well. It takes a nice finish without too much effort.
As Townsville wattle doesn't get to much of a size it's use is limited, but as there is only slight movement during the drying process, it can be kept as a whole log which makes items like this box possible. 


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