(Euroschinus falcatus)


Also known as: Maiden's Blush

Not common, but there are a few specimens around the Peak Range area that I know of. Lucky for it, unlucky for me, the large specimen pictured is in the Lords Table National park and safe from my chainsaw. At about 14 metres tall and over 600mm through the trunk, I could happily retire turning the timber from that one.
Having only had the opportunity to turn one small windfall branch, it is easy to see why the tree is so hard to find. It has to have been named by a woodturner - almost every type of cut you apply results in one continuous shaving - glorious!!!
Ribbonwood flowers in Spring.
I suspect the timber would be quite plain in colour normally as the sample I obtained had some colour from the disease that caused the branch to fall. It is quite light and only turning this timber yourself could demonstrate just how extraordinary it is to work with. Ribbonwood also sands beautifully and finishes well for a soft timber.


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