Native Lime

    (Citrus glauca)


Also known as: Limebush, Desert Lime, Desert Lemon, Wild Lime

Native lime grows to as high as 7 metres but is most often around the 4 metre mark. The specimen pictured right is the largest I know of on the Highlands with a trunk of about 280mm diameter. It seems to prefer heavy soils but also shows up on sandy or gravelly country at times.
Patches of suckers like those pictured right are common but the trees never reach much of a size in them.
The fruits only grow to about 20mm and look more like domestic citrus fruit when they are first forming as pictured. The leaves are about 50mm long and 10mm wide but vary quite a bit, as does the presence of thorns up to 30mm long.
Native lime timber is of average weight with a close grain and attractive markings throughout the log due to the abundant branchlets. The timber machines very nicely and holds detail well, sands very easily and takes a nice finish with oils or waxes. All round good stuff!


The vase at right was roughed out while green and air-dried before finishing.
This example was turned from the same tree after the timber had been air-dried for a few years. Still nice timber to work with but the bright yellow colour has gone.


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