(Acacia pendula)


Also known as: Weeping Myall, Boree

Myall is a distinctive looking tree with it's smoky green, weeping foliage. Often healthy and lush like the pictured specimen but is sometimes decimated by the grubs of the Bag-shelter Moth that can completely defoliate the tree whilst building nests almost as big as footballs. 
Growing to 10 or 12 metres, they are not common on the Highlands but a few can be seen around Capella and Clermont which is the northernmost point of their range. They are far more abundant further south between Injune and Roma. 
The timber is heavy and nicely aromatic and appears to be more stable than many of the acacias. It is fairly hard to machine but is not as bad as some of our acacia species. It sands well and takes a polish nicely which adds to its appeal as a turning timber.
Records show that it has been popular for woodcraft since the early settlers discovered it and has now become one of my favourites also.


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