Mock Olive

    (Notelea microcarpa)


Also known as: Native Olive, Small-fruited Mock Olive

Mock Olive doesn't seem to be too fussy about what conditions it grows in - creek banks to rocky hillsides are all OK. Found on the Highlands to around 8 metres tall, it is often multi-stemmed with trunks to about 200mm diameter.
The lower bark becomes increasingly coarse as the trees mature.
Mock olive timber is very stable while drying with little or no cracking. This moderately heavy, long and close grained timber machines beautifully, sands very nicely and takes a finish really well - shame it's a bit on the bland side for colour.
Turned in 2 pieces to minimize cracking and allow complete hollowing, this vase was a bit plain looking so a bit of pyrography seemed like a good idea.


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