(Acacia excelsa)


Also known as: Rosewood

  Ironwood is common across the region and as one of our largest, long living acacias, it will grow to around 15m high with a trunk up to about 500mm diameter. The timber is very hard and heavy with a more even colouring than most of the acacias from around here. It does tend to check a bit on the endgrain but is stable once sawn along it's length.
One noteworthy characteristic of the timber is its smell. When I mailed a piece of Ironwood to a friend in WA, he opened the package in his office and noticed later that everyone was checking under their shoes to see if they had stepped in something - it's subtle - but its there!!! Maybe this is why the only thing I have used it for so far is tool handles - nothing to go inside the house. 
West of the Drummond Range (Alpha), the foliage appears more silvery green in color as seen in these examples yet it is still a.excelsa.
As the name suggests, Ironwood is very hard but it still machines OK with sharp tools and it sands well and finishes to a very high polish.


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