Golden Parrot Tree

    (Grevillea pteridifolia)


Also known as: Silky Grevillea, Darwin Silky Oak, Ferny-leaved Silky Oak

  On the Highlands, the Golden Parrot trees grow to about 6 metres tall with trunk diameters to around 150mm. They are more common as you head west, particularly from Alpha on.
Spectacular in flower, this species has been used as the basis of many ornamental hybrids. The flowers attract a lot of birdlife and the tree attracts a lot of grub life! - even the healthiest looking trees seem to be full of lychtids as in the log pictured below.
The timber is very pretty with a very visible medullary ray and red colouring, varying to pinks. Golden Parrot tree timber is difficult to dry without some cracking, even if the logs are halved.
It is one of the timbers I classify as 'mother-in-law-wood' - it just has to have the last word! It doesn't matter how long you allow these timbers to dry and stabilize, they still change shape when even the smallest amount of timber is removed - makes fitting of lids and the like very frustrating.
The timber machines very nicely with very little tear-out and sands readily and cleanly unlike some grevilleas. Golden Parrot tree takes a bit of work to get a good oil finish but would finish much better if you were happy to use a sanding sealer first.
This lidded box included a few grubholes but I dosed the tightly packed 'frass' that filled the holes with CA when it was first roughed out from green timber. This process gives a very natural looking fill on timbers like Golden Parrot tree. The trimmings are carved from Norfolk Island Hibiscus.


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