(Persoonia falcata)


Also known as: Milky Plum

A small tree to about 4 or 5 metres tall, I haven't found trunks any bigger than about 200mm diameter around here. Geebung appears on a variety of soil types and drainage doesn't seem to be crucial either. 
The flowers are an impressive display which form small fruits later and the bark is quite interesting. The bark has a papery, sponge-like texture and ranges from brown to a bright plum/crimson colour - as it's very easy to scrape the loose flakes from the tree, if nothing else, it makes fantastic looking mulch!
The timber of the specimens I have cut was disappointing in that the coloured heart wood was barely existent. The logs cracked severely while drying and boards I had sawn cupped and twisted badly - very unstable stuff.
The timber machines nicely and sands easily but soaks up finish like a sponge. The small bowl at left was waxed but the sample on the right was eventually coated with wipe-on poly then buffed.


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