Early Flowering Wattle

    (Acacia leiocalyx)


Also known as: Black wattle

Early Flowering wattle is a short lived species which only grows to around 6 or 7 metres high with trunks to about 180mm diameter. The timber is generally very colourful but splits readily, even with the end-grain sealed.
Acacia leiocalyx, a.cretata, a.bancroftiorum and a.elacantha are all innocently regarded as the same tree around here as they have much the same habit and flower at almost the same time of year.
Early flowering wattle is quite dense but turns nicely and the end grain responds well to shear scraping. The logs tend to be full of flaws from insect attack and filling or repairing areas requires care when using CA as it discolours the timber easily. The timber sands reasonably well and takes a polish easily.


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