Desert Oak

    (Acacia coriacea spp. sericophylla)


Also known as: Dogwood, Wirewood, Wiry wattle

Desert Oak is found mainly on well drained soils on the northern half of the Highlands. It grows to around 6 or 7 metres high with trunks to 130mm diameter but does get bigger in some other parts of the country. At a glance it looks like a type of casuarina with it's spongy bark and needle-like phyllodes but the flowers and seedpods show it's true colours.
Desert Oak timber is close grained, heavy and very hard once dry. The timber appears fairly stable while air drying but will still split slightly if left in the round. Works very well if turned green to final thickness and allowed to dry - very little movement and only very fine cracking.  It machines and sands well and takes an excellent finish with waxes or oils.


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