Cocky Apple

    (Planchonia careya)


Also known as: Billy goat plum

I haven't seen Cocky apple grow any bigger than about 5 metres high around here but it is supposed to be able to reach 10 metres with a 300mm diameter trunk. It's fruit is edible, but if it tastes anything like the way the timber smells, I'll never touch it.
The timber shrinks badly while drying and quickly cracks to the heart in log form. It tends to mould while drying which can enhance the fine medullary ray but the smell of this timber is awful and just as strong when it's dry. It is also quite soft and light so it machines and tears out easily. It sands well and finishes OK even though it's very absorbent.
For my money, this timber has no redeeming qualities what so ever and this box is the first and last item I'll make from it.


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