Cheese Tree

    (Glochidion ferdinandi)


Also known as: ?

Cheese tree is usually found growing along creeks in sandstone country like Carnarvon Gorge and the Springsure area. The tallest would be around 12 metres like the specimen pictured at left with trunks to about 400mm at the base. 
As a rainforest remnant, it does struggle out here in dry times but the fruit is welcomed by native birds. 
Cheese tree timber is very close-grained and is moderately heavy. I found it is stable while drying, showing very little tendency to crack.
The timber is quite hard to turn but like most hard timbers, it scrapes well - so well in fact that I was gob-smacked at the finish I could get off the skew chisel and parting tool in scraper mode. You can see the fine shavings produced and the excellent finish straight off the tools in this picture. Probably just as well you can get a good finish off the tool too as it doesn't sand well at all! Resists even the coarsest grits with ease!!
This natural-edged pot was finished with 3 or 4 coats of Kunos oil which bought the colour out nicely. The separately turned feet are from Australian ebony.


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