Cattle bush

    (Pittosporum angustifolium)


Also known as: Weeping pittosporum, Native apricot

Usually found  growing to about 6 metres high but occasionally found stretching to 9 or 10 metres. The trunks are only grow to about 150 or 200mm diameter at best so there's not a great deal of timber in them.
Cattlebush seems to grow on just about any type of ground and is often growing right at the base of a larger tree, most likely from seeds in bird droppings. While the fruit is edible and appears attractive enough, I would not recommend them to anyone except my worst enemy - I only ever tried one!!!
The timber is very white when first cut but greys off slightly as it dries. There is an enormous amount of shrinkage in drying it so any log needs to be halved immediately to avoid splitting. Lychtids love the sapwood so some kind of deterrent is recommended - I use Borax on timbers I know to be susceptible.
Cattlebush timber machines very nicely, sands very well and takes a finish nicely too. Well worth the trouble if you can find big enough pieces.
This little lidded goblet was for my darling grand-daughter who got all obstropolous when I stopped her from playing with my 'fancy' turnings. I had to come up with something 'fancy' so she has something to play with when she visits.


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