Bush-house Paperbark

    (Melaleuca tamariscina)


Also known as: Tamarix Honey-myrtle, Fine-leafed myrtle.

Only growing to about 4 metres tall, this scraggy but decorative little tree is usually found on sandy ground and ridges. I've not seen the trunks any bigger than about 120mm diameter.
The timber from this tree is very dense, moderately heavy and like most timbers found growing in sandy ground, is very abrasive. It's abrasiveness would put most turners off as you spend more time at the grinder than the lathe and it also makes sanding very difficult but it does take a nice finish. The timber is reasonably stable while air-drying as long as the end grain is well sealed.
This 110x70mm pot was roughed out green from a Bush-house paperbark crotch and soaked in a detergent solution for 3 months before turning it to a wall thickness of 2mm and finishing it with 2 coats of Danish Oil.


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