(Capparis mitchellii)


Also known as: Wild Orange, Wild Pomegranate

Usually only growing to about 4 metres, the specimen at left is far bigger than any others I have come across - the trunk measuring about 400mm diameter. The tree pictured was going to be dozed as it had grown on the fenceline so I thought I'd give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.
The tree bears a fruit that ranges from golfball to tennis-ball size which is apparently edible but I haven't found one yet that looks appetising enough to try. 
I'm not aware of any other woodie that's tried using this timber. There is a lot of shrinkage while drying and it's very prone to mould if it doesn't get enough air but it is a pleasure to turn, sand and finish and has an unusual and delicate looking grain structure that looks similar to Huon Pine.
I found that during the high humidity of our wetter than usual wet-season this year that the timber tends to mould even though it is sealed with a finish. Next time I'll try a wipe-on poly finish instead and see how it goes.


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