(Acacia harpophylla)


Also known as: Brigalow spearwood, Orkor

Brigalow would be the most common tree found on the Highlands and one of the largest trees you will see out here outside the eucalypts. It can be found up to 20m high and to 500 or 600 mm diameter in the trunk. The grey-green foliage looks impressive at night at certain times of year when it takes on a silvery look. 

The current drought has wiped out a lot of Brigalow but it's abundance shows that it's not so much the ability of the trees out here to 'survive' droughts, as it is their ability to re-establish their presence during the good times.

Burls like this one are rare on Brigalow which is unfortunate because the colours are beautiful. This one just had to come home with me! 

Brigalow timber is good to turn, even if a bit hard once dry, and it sands and polishes to a high finish. It is quite stable sawn into board form but splits a bit if left in thick sections - best if roughed out green. Microwaves OK too.

When you can't find burls, 'healings' like this one provide some incredible grain and colour. This is where the tree has healed over a broken branch - maybe I should call them 'scabs'?!?!


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