Bimble Box

    (Eucalyptus populnea)


Also known as: Poplar Box

  Bimble box, also known as Poplar Box because of the shape of the leaf, is common throughout most of inland Queensland and NSW. A large tree to around 20 metres, I've seen the trunks up to about 1 metre diameter. Though I've not sawn any to board form as yet, I found larger sections like the half-logs pictured did experience a fair amount of checking during drying, even though I had used a log sealer on the end grain. I have just finished trying some 'water drying' on a rough turned piece to speed up the process but it appears to have made the cracking worse so I'll revert to simple air drying.


  Bimble box is a fairly hard wood to turn, even while green, but has a quite attractive colour and figure to most of it, particularly the crotch wood as in the lidded box pictured. The timber sands well, being short-grained, and takes a high polish.
As with many eucalypts, gum deposits are common, usually right where you least expect them as seen on this vase. I'm not a great fan of eucalypts for turning but Bimble box is so abundant here that it can't be ignored.


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