(Acacia catenulata)



  Bendee grows only on the very poorest country where even Lancewood struggles (but is often found bordering the Bendee). The trees reach to about 12 metres with the trunks growing to around 400mm (overall) diameter. The trunks are very twisted and fluted, so much so that it would be very difficult to saw reasonable sized planks from it. Lychtid borers seem to love the stuff but I think it's a bit tough on the teeth for the termites - I have found them under the bark but not in the wood at all.

The timber is absolutely beautiful in colour and grain. Hard and dense yes (very!), but with some excellent qualities. I found that it had the best finish off the chisel I have ever seen - like it had been waxed and polished already - if only I were good enough not to leave tool marks here and there, I wouldn't have to sand it at all! But then it sands brilliantly too and takes the highest of polishes.
Bendee is remarkably similar to Inland Rosewood in many ways and it's a toss-up as to which is hardest! Both timbers shear-scrape and finish beautifully - it's just removing the bulk to get your shape that is difficult. When turning the lidded box pictured below, I found the timber was developing cracks faster than I could fill them, something I haven't had a problem with on Rosewood so the jury will stay out until I get hold of some green Bendee to try.


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