Belyando Blackwood

    (Acacia argyrodendron)


Also known as: Black Gidgee, Blackwood

Restricted mainly to the Isaac, Cape, Suttor and Belyando river catchments to the north of the central highlands, Belyando Blackwood grows to about the same size as Brigalow and looks similar from a distance but has narrower, straighter phyllodes (leaves).
As you travel north toward Belyando on the Gregory Development road, you will notice the change when it jumps from stands of Gidgee to Blackwood and then north of Belyando you come to Blackwood National Park which is of course, wall-to-wall Belyando Blackwood.
One characteristic which may save it from destruction is that the country it grows on is apparently not worth clearing as it is nearly impossible to re-condition for pasture. Not sure if it's a case of the tree making the ground unusable or the tree being the only thing hardy enough to populate such poor conditions. Would appreciate any ideas on the question?!?!
At 20 or so metres tall and trunks to about 500mm diameter, Blackwood can produce useful sized boards but thicker sections for turning split readily so it needs to be sawn and sealed soon after felling.
The timber is very dense, heavy, is hard on tools and splits easily but is workable and gives a very nice result. It sands well and takes finishes nicely.



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