(Grevillea striata)


Also known as: Silver Honeysuckle

Beefwood grows to about 12 metres high with trunk diameters to 600mm or so on the Highlands. It is a very popular wood here with many locals choosing it for furniture. 
  For myself, I can't stand the stuff! It wasn't the aboriginals favoured source of resin for binding tools for nothing -  Beefwood is so full of resin that even a year after it has been felled, you can still get stalactites of resin sticking out from your turnings when you stop the lathe.
Large trees can produce stable, attractive boards for furniture making, especially when quarter-sawn.  Beefwood is moderately heavy but does machine well (but that dreaded resin can make a mess of your blades in the process).
As for sanding - every swipe clogs the paper. It takes a nice finish - for about a day, then the resin starts oozing out and ruins your work. While I have seen some beautiful Beefwood furniture crafted by our local club members, I leave it alone as much as possible.


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