Arid Peach

    (Terminalia aridicola)


Also known as: Tropical Almond, Wild Plum

Found in the northern limits of the Central Highlands in open forest, this tree is one of the Yellow-wood family. I've only seen them grow to around 6 metres high with trunks to around 200mm diameter but they may grow bigger further north.
The timber is of medium density, is moderately heavy and is quite stable - very similar characteristics to Yellow-wood (terminalia oblongata). Quite a bright yellow in small trees, the timber tends to a gingery yellow in older specimens.
Smaller diameter trees dry without cracking, allowing items to be turned with the pith included like the pictured box.
The timber machines very well, sands beautifully and finishes well after a sanding sealer.
This bowl was turned from a trunk just over 200mm diameter.


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