Torulosa Wattle

    (Acacia torulosa)


Also known as: Deep Gold Wattle

I found this small patch of about a dozen trees on a road easement on the far northern side of the Central Highlands which puts it just outside the known distribution range of this species. I had planned on waiting until I had photos of the flowers and fruits before I published this species but unfortunately the owner of the adjoining property decided to bulldoze his fenceline and took the entire stand of trees out in the process! This is not unusual in Queensland as nobody seems to give a damn how much vegetation you destroy inside or outside your boundary - no permits required and nobody to police it even if there was!
Torulosa Wattle would go unnoticed amongst the Lancewood if it wasn't for the distinctive bark which is what caught my attention originally - very flaky and curled like Minni Ritchi bark. The largest of these trees was only about 5 metres tall with a trunk to about 125mm diameter but I suspect they would get bigger if given time.
When freshly cut the timber appeared quite colourful but toned down as it dried and unlike Lancewood, it didn't split open or crack much at all. The timber is moderately hard and heavy, but turns, sands and finishes very nicely.


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