Acacia cretata

    (no common name)


Also known as: mistaken for Early Flowering Wattle

  This wattle only grows in a relatively small area in the Central Highlands and is usually lumped in with acacia leiocalyx (Early Flowering wattle / Black Wattle) by locals because it flowers at the same time and has a similar habit but is quite different under closer inspection (if you know what to look for). 
One of the short-lived species of acacia, it grows to about 6 or 7 metres high with a trunk to about 300mm diameter and literally takes over after earthworks like the 'avenue' pictured created by roadworks a few years ago.
The timber of a.cretata is surprisingly dense and heavy for a fast growing wattle but it still machines OK. It sands reasonably well but does raise a lot of friction heat easily like Blackwood (a.melanoxylon). It gives a high finish with a burnish wax like Shellawax but oil is fine also.


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