Spindle Roughing Gouge Deflector



The easiest, cheapest, most unnecessary bit of kit you will never want to be without!

I had an epiphany today while roughing down a bit of Camphor Laurel for a lidded box. I know a lot of people love the stuff (camphor)but I don't like it out-gassing all over me so much that I can't breathe so I started doing the 'palm-up' bit to deflect the chips like some pros do but I've never been comfortable taking my hand off the flute and not being able to see what I'm cutting - has to be a better way!

No more wood chips down the shirt for this little black duck! The deflector could not be easier to make and works so well I amazed myself! Nobody wants to muck about clamping gear on the tool (like a particular brand of lathe tools that shall remain nameless!) for the few passes that spray you with chips and this deflector can be slipped on and off in a second and can be made to fit ANY roughing gouge I've ever seen. Make one and give it a try - you won't regret it!


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Making the gadget...


Not much to it really! Just a scrap of 6mm Perspex with a hole in it just a smidgeon bigger than your gouges diameter. This is the original prototype which is just a tad too short - could do with another 10 or 20mm above the hole so I'll make another one and round the edges over for a 'user'. Might even go the whole hog and 'flame polish' it while I'm at it!

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Using it...

Couldn't be simpler to use... At left you see my normal grip on the SRG, and at right, the deflector slipped over the flute of the gouge and in between whichever fingers you find comfortable.

Just start roughing as usual but now you don't have a stream of shavings filling every available cavity and you can still see what you're doing! - How cool is that!

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